Every Canadian needs a financial plan, though fewer than 40% have any kind of written financial plan that they follow to reach their goals and secure their family’s lifestyle. Most don’t have a plan, because either their bank or advisors don’t work that way, or they don’t have an advisor.

The Simple Plan is a comprehensive, easy to follow plan that covers every area of family finance, eliminating financial worries and ensuring you reach your financial goals.

Now, everyone can have a financial plan: The Simple Plan. The Simple Plan is a comprehensive plan that covers every area of personal finance.

Following our 3 Simple Steps to Financial peace, using custom-designed tools, as you Plan, Protect, and Progress, you’ll secure your financial future and eliminate anxiety and worry with your Cashflow Plan, Security Strategy, and Lifestyle Roadmap.

Based on 25 years of development experience, The Simple Plan system is designed on timeless financial wisdom and proven principles. There is no ‘get rich quick’ component, but a method and approach that assures financial security and wealth development over time.

Brad MacBeth

Behind the vision and system of The Simple Plan, Brad MacBeth has 25 years of combined experience in licensed personal finance, teaching, and technology. His vision and experience have led to the development of this powerful system built for today’s families, using today’s technology.